Nuggets de Pescado (Keto)

Nuggets de Pescado (Keto)


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Essentially the most bread-fancy breading!


  • -1/2 cup of finely ground pork rinds
  • -1/2 cup of parmesan cheese
  • -salt/pepper/cayenne/garlic powder… your accepted seasonings
  • -1 egg
  • -1 tbsp heavy cream
  • -3 frozen vacuum sealed tilapia fillets
  • -About a tbsp of oil


  1. Thaw the fish by letting the aloof vacuumed fillets sit in a bowl of scorching water for a instant time.
  2. Exhaust a food processor or mortar and pestle to finely ground the pork rinds into a powder. (If the objects are too precise they wont persist with the fish.)
  3. In a single bowl, completely mix the pork rind powder with the parmesan and no subject spices you’ve chosen.
  4. In a 2nd bowl, breeze the egg and heavy cream.
  5. Decrease the thawed fish into nuggets (about 1 breeze squares.) The smaller you pause it the sooner this may well well maybe cook dinner and the much less likelihood of the “breading” being burnt.
  6. Warmth a skillet to medium-high warmth, then add satisfactory oil to coat your whole floor to a depth of 1/4 breeze.
  7. Totally coat the fish within the egg combination on either facet, then completely coat it within the pork rind/cheese combination and toss it within the oil.
  8. Fry unless its golden brown, (about 2-3 minutes) flipping half of manner thru.
  9. Serving Dimension:Makes 25-30 nuggets.

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