Receta de refrescos cítricos navideños

Receta de refrescos cítricos navideños


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Maryse Chevriere


With regards to web hosting family-qualified vacation events, few deem of providing alcoholic and non-alcoholic diversifications of the identical drink. We developed this blood-orange flavored soda with teenagers, and these that don’t imbibe, in mind.

Inspired by the contemporary flavors and shiny colors of blood oranges, which seem in markets correct before Christmas, and the odd shape of the purple glass bottles of Solerno, this cocktail is easy to thrill in, while the pretty-sweet citrus flavor is each and each refreshing and satisfying.

Solerno is a clear Sicilian blood orange liqueur, made of entire blood orange fruit and obligatory oils. The bottle is a deep purple, take care of the flesh of a blood orange, and takes on a particular delight in — the backside aspects a punt (the indent on wine bottles) that resembles an orange juice strainer. Correct having a leer at the bottle would possibly perhaps presumably also merely delight in you thirsty for a cocktail.

While the recipe beneath is for an grownup model, you are going to be in a situation to stride over the liqueur for a baby-qualified blood orange soda. Nobody will know the difference.


2 ounces Solerno liqueur

4 ounces contemporary-squeezed blood orange juice

Honest water, for topping

Blood orange gash, for garnish


Discipline three ice cubes in a white wine glass. Add liqueur, then juice. High with vivid water, and aid with a gash of blood orange floating on top.

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